Thursday, 3 January 2008

Birthday robots

Jr (the larger) had his 11th birthday a couple of months ago, and wanted to have another "making" party. In previous years he's had a party making toy trebuchets with rice-filled-balloons for ammo, and before that, battery-powered racing cars made from card, empty drinks cans, straws, elastic bands, a motor, a battery and of course some duct-tape.

Daddy (that's me) had been toying with robotics a bit, and thought we could probably make some simple robots this time. Of course it turned out to be more complicated than I'd anticipated and I was tearing my hair out in the last week before the party when the prototype wouldn't work, but in the end it was ok, even if we did run out of time at the party and they had to come back another day to finish them.

Details, pictures, circuit diagram, construction details and firmware to come...

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