Thursday, 3 January 2008

Leftovers from 2007

I had a few ideas last year. Some of them even made it out of my head and into the real world, which I count as a success even if I didn't finish them.

Here's a summary of those that I'm carrying over into 2008, and I'll fill in more details as and when (labels in brackets, which I'll use for further updates on each project):

Node zero (node-zero): a cupboard in the living/dining room where the wiring terminates and the A/V boxes live.

Living/dining-room lights (beam-lights): there are dangly wires where the ceiling lights should be...

The cold shower-room (shower-heat): Nice new shower-room, shiny new towel radiator, but cold in winter. :-(

Birthday robots (dodge-bugs): Jr had a robot-building party for his birthday. Definitely a case of biting-off more than I could chew.

Led sensors (led-sensors): used in the dodge bugs with some degree of success, but I've a feeling there's more to be done with this.

Garage storage (garage-storage): lots of shelves, which is good for the small stuff, but the garage is already full again, with large stuff that doesn't fit on shelves. Hmm.

Home network (home-net): lots of cat5 but not a lot plugged into it yet. Lots of plans though...

The Den (den): part home-office, part library, part hobbies-room, part a study for homework, part computer room, part games room... or "The Den" for short.

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